“The arduous part of writing is translating what I can see within into prose of equal measure.”

S. Alexander O’Keefe

The Worlds of S. Alexander O’Keefe


S. Alexander O’Keefe’s diverse works draw readers into emotionally and intellectually immersive experiences with complex worlds, characters, and journeys steeped with meticulously-researched detail. From modern-day thrillers to historical fiction and beyond, O’Keefe allows readers to indulge their insatiable curiosity by bringing fresh and unexplored narratives to familiar worlds.

The Return of Sir Percival

A vivid retelling of an age-old story that follows the last knight of the Round Table on a journey in search of Guinevere, the last Queen of Britons.


The discovery of a restrictive covenant in a century old deed sparks a life-or-death struggle between a ruthless oil magnate and the last heir to a billion dollar fortune that rages from start to finish.